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Final Burn Alpha is a multi-arcade emulator. It is also available as a libretro core for RetroArch.


Final Burn Alpha

List of emulated systemEdit

  • Capcom
    • CPS-1, CPS-2 and CPS-3
  • Cave
  • Data East
    • DEC-0, DEC-8 and DECO IC16
  • Galaxian based hardware
  • IGS PGM (PolyGame Master)
  • Irem
    • M62, M63, M72, M90, M92 and M107
  • Kaneko 16
  • Konami
  • Neo-Geo MVS
  • NMK16
  • Pacman based hardware
  • Psikyo 68EC020 and SH-2 based hardware
  • SEGA
    • System 1, 16 e 18, X and Y-Board
  • Super Kaneko Nova System
  • Taito
    • Taito F2, X, Z and others
  • Toaplan
    • Toaplan 1 and 2
  • Miscellaneous drivers for lots of other hardware
  • Consoles
    • ColecoVision
    • NEC PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16/SuperGrafx
    • SEGA Master System/Game Gear
    • SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis
    • SEGA SG-1000

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