Here is a list of games that are frequently cited as being problematic to emulate. Solutions are provided if possible.

Dangan RonpaEdit

Make sure you're using the latest version of PPSSPP.
Go to Game Settings > Graphics. If you use a Nvidia GPU, select Read Framebuffers to Memory (GPU) under "Rendering Mode". If you use an AMD GPU or Android device, select Read Framebuffers to Memory (CPU).

Metal Gear SolidEdit

MGS has anti-piracy features, and needs real BIOS to work. Do not use simulated BIOS in PCSX-R. These will just give a blank screen. If you are using BIOS and it is still not working, try different BIOS files.

If the game stutters, enable the relevant fix in your sound plugin.


VBA doesn't emulate the game properly. Use Gambatte or VBA-M instead.

Metal Gear Solid 3Edit

This game needs a very high end CPU to run at full speed and will run slowly on most CPUs.  All of the various blades of grass are one culprit cause of slowdown.

Shadow of the ColossusEdit

This game needs a very high end CPU to run at full speed.

Zone of the Enders 1 and 2Edit

This game needs a very high end CPU to run at full speed.

Wind WakerEdit

In 4.0+ versions of Dolphin, DSP LLE is set to default for this game, so if you have a slow CPU: right click on the game in dolphin, go to properties and check DSP HLE emulation (fast). DSP HLE will cause random crashes though.

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