Libretro is an lightweight C/C++ API designed for emulators,games,media players,graphics applications,augmented reality.[1][2]It specifies how to write a library, called Libretro core, so that it can be loaded by a frontend supporting Libretro API like RetroArch. The frontend then manages video, audio and input. Libretro API can be used for example to strip emulator of it's GUI components and convert it into dynamic library called Libretro core.

Libretro FrontendsEdit



System Core Version
SNES bsnes 0.93 Performance
SNES bsnes 0.93 Balanced
SNES bsnes 0.93 Accuracy
SNES Snes9x 1.54
SNES Snes9x-Next 1.52.4
WonderSwan Mednafen 0.9.28
PlayStation Mednafen 0.9.32
PlayStation PCSX-ReARMed r19
PC Engine Mednafen 0.9.28
Neo-Geo Pocket Mednafen 0.9.28
Virtual Boy Mednafen 0.9.28
Atari 2600 Stella 3.4.1
Atari Lynx Handy 0.95
NES bnes 0.83
NES FCEU 98.13mm
NES QuickNES 1.0
NES Nestopia 1.46-WIP
Game Boy/Color Gambatte 0.5.0
Game Boy Advance VBA-Next 1.0.2
Game Boy Advance VBA-M
Game Boy Advance Meteor 1.4
Sega Systems (Master, Genesis, Sega CD, Game Gear) Genesis Plus GX 1.7.4
Sega Systems (Master, Genesis, Sega CD, Game Gear, 32x) PicoDrive 1.81

Final Burn Alpha
Arcade MAME 2003 0.78
Arcade MAME 2010 0.139
Arcade MAME 2014 0.151/0.152
Nintendo DS DeSmuME SVN

Game EngineEdit

Game Core Version
Quake TyrQuake 0.61
Doom PrBoom 2.5.0
Cave Story NXEngine

Standalone GameEdit



WIP CoresEdit

System Core Version
Nintendo 64


LucasArt Game Engines ScummVM 1.6.0
Sega Saturn Yabause


Core Description
FFmpeg Media Player
Modelviewer 3D Tech Demo
SceneWalker 3D Tech Demo

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