Some SNES games suffered from slowdown which may be fixed in ports.

Many SNES games were ported to the GBA. These versions may have extra features, but at the cost of poorer audio and visuals. The resolution is lower, and it was never intended to be played on a full display.  The screen area may also be reduced due to the lower resolution. The audio is much lower quality than the SNES. Also, the GBA has much stronger colors to compensate for the lack of contrast in the original GBA display. To compensate, a shader or an option is needed. Additionally for controls, the gba has two fewer buttons.

Several SNES games were ported to the PlayStation. These are typically emulated, and the CD format creates long loading times. Generally it is recommended to avoid the PS1 ports for this reason and to stick with the original releases. However, in some cases the PS1 port might offer more features.


WII (Virtual console)

Super Ghouls n' Ghosts

PS1: Slowdown removed,

GBA: New levels, poorer video/audio

Zelda: A link to the Past New levels, improved gameplay, sharper graphics
Contra III GBA: New features, poorer video/audio
Chrono Trigger ✓ (E)

PS1: Longer loading times

NDS: Extra content

Tablets: same as nds

Front Mission

PS1: Added new campaign, FMV scenes

DS: Offial English translation, extra missions and items, tie-ins to other games in series

Final Fantasy 4 ✓ (E) ✓ (R)

PS1: Longer loading times

GBA: Extra content, poorer video/audio

PSP: Extra content, enhanced graphics

NDS: Full 3D remake (also ios)

Final Fantasy 5 ✓ (E)

PS1: Longer loading times

GBA: Extra content, poorer video/audio

Final Fantasy 6 ✓ (E)

PS1: Longer loading times

GBA: Extra content, poorer video/audio

Kirby Super Star

Extra content, enhanced graphics
Tactics Ogre

PS1: Loading times, English

PSP: Very enhanced, more features

Mega Man X ✓ (R) PSP: Full 3D remake
Mega Man X2
Mega Man X3

PS1: Remixed soundtrack

GC & PS2: based on PS1

Super Mario World Slight additions, poorer video/audio
Yoshi's Island New levels
Tales of Phantasia ✓ (R) Cleaner graphics, added effects and fuller voice acting.
Star Ocean ✓ (R)

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