PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 is an eighth-generation console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2013. Notably, it is the first PlayStation console to use the x86 architecture, making it easier to program for than the PlayStation 3 while also having the same architecture as PCs.


There is one PS4 emulator in very early development PS4EMX[1] . Even though the PS4 does have an x86 CPU like normal PCs, it doesn't mean it'll be easy to emulate as the x86 instruction set is huge[1]. However, nearly all of x86 instructions are well documented (though some other specifics aren't) so the possibility is there. Another thing is there is currently no documentation on the GPU used in the PS4's APU and the console isn't hacked but GPU is a slightly customized Radeon 7970M with disabled stream processors.


  1. Why is XBOX emulation premature?

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