Resolution is the measure in which how many pixels are displayed on the screen.

For emulation of 2D systems, the resolution can only be upscaled, making the pixels more apparent. For emulation of 5th generation consoles and newer, the internal resolution can be increased to make the game look sharper.

Console ResolutionsEdit

System Native Resolution
Atari 2600 ###x160*
NES 256x240
Master System 256x192, 256x224
SNES 256x224, 512x448
Virtual Boy 384x224
Genesis 320x224, 256x224
Game Boy/Color, Game Gear 160x144
Nintendo 64 Various






WonderSwan 224x144
Game Boy Advance 240x160

GameCube, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast

Nintendo DS 256x192
PSP 480x272

Integer ScalingEdit

Main article: Scaling

Upscaling the resolution will only look good if you scale it by integers (2x, 3x, 4x, etc.). If you are scaling with non-integers, you can make the image look better using the Pixellate shader.

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