XM6 TypeG is currently the best emulator available. It emulates the Sharp x68000 home computer system (operating system and all). It has region locks and will only work in a genuine Japanese installation of Windows. This region lock has been removed by others. The Emulator is unbelievably easy to use and like most computer systems, you simply load up floppy images of actual games, or virtual Harddrive images in order to get most things installed and working properly. It does however get a bit frustrating when games span across more than two floppy disks. You can also emulate many of the MIDI expansion boards that were available for the system such as the Roland SC-88 or MT-32.


Region unlocked version

==Description of region unlocked version== I've taken the liberty to upload the latest version of TypeG with the region locks removed since kugimoto is a jerk and programmed the emulator to refuse to run if it's not on a genuine Japanese Windows installation. MAME version included because it's a bit more accurate and runs the 68030 CPU but runs a bit slower on shittier machines. Or you can use a hex editor and do it yourself based on the advice of some guy named neko at

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